Mac diablo 3 stuck at initializing

It appears to have been fixed today in the last launcher update. Instead of "Cancel" input your password and the problem is gone. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Mac updater stuck at Initializing. How the fuck do I fix this? It is so incredibly frustrating. This is what I tried and it fixed it. Worked fine from then on. Hey so I followed your instructions and everything seems to work but when I go on battle.

Any way on how to fix this? Nah sorry man, not sure how to fix this. Lots of people using wine have this problem. It still works well enough though, just looks a bit funny. The Winery program works fine but I cannot find the installer download. You said that I should get the downloader from Battle. I created a new account with them and found the downloader but it needs a CD key.

How can I get past this? CD key generator? Hi, I have installed it and it works from the install. But when I exit the game I then cannot find it or work out how to open it again? Does that make sense. Thank you so much for your very usable guide! I had almost given up on the idea of playing any of the good old games on my mac.

I do have a couple of questions though, and would much appreciate any help you can provide: 1 I have installed Diablo 2 and it runs fine though in a window.

Can't start it

But the sound is gone. Any suggestions? Is there a way to change to a different version of wine without doing the whole installation over again? Is it the same issue as with Warcraft3? Sorry, sound has always worked for me…others have had better luck with other versions of wine. Hi, thanks for the guide, Im trying to instal broodwar on Any ideas? This is really good news for me, i just bought the Diablo set and cant wait to play after so many years, thanks a lot for your help Mazzbar.

I can play diablo 2 but i really want to play the expansion, do you recommend that start all over again or is there something else that I can do. What should I do? Ok, there is probably a really easy answer to this, but with RoC and FT in the same wrapper how do you choose which game you want to load? Forget my question I did some tinkering and figured it out XD Thanks for the awesome guide! Got both RoC and FT to work perfect! Looking forward to playing these awesome games again!

Hi, your guide is perfect, I have only one problem: when I start Diablo II always starts the expansion of course I have both installed, any advice? Org X Server 1. Xunix will not be created. My Winery wont install any engines. The file downloader gets about halfway through each time before it cuts out and still shows there are no engines installed. Even when I try to update Winery to 2. I figured it out. Once I actually put Wineskin in the Apps folder it seems to work fine. Not sure why but good to go. Thanks for the great walk through! Has anybody figured out how to play in full screen?

I hate playing games in windowed mode.

Can't start it

Anybody else get it to work? What wrapper version are you using if you did? Fullscreen works for me as you explained override option , but the game is very laggy. When I switch to a reduced windows it plays normally. Thanks dude. It can take a while. Good luck! Thanks for the info, I actually let it run all night and when I awoke it was completed. Hey marzzbar, I recently downloaded wineskin, and I am trying to play D2 LOD, and I followed all the steps you told me, and when I try to run the install.

So do I only need to download D2 from battle. Ah you know what? After I left a message to you on here I looked back at it and it had finished updating. Works sort of.. Also when you get into a game lobby it is pitch black. What you got to do is click with your mouse and then you will start to see the lobby pixel by pixel and you must click everywhere to see the whole thing. Hey, I went through all of the steps.

Starcraft is installed. The official Wine website should link your article. I gave up trying to figure out how to run the app from their site but when I stumbled on your article it was so much easier to follow. This message never goes away and it is preventing me from having Frozen Throne install properly.

Any thoughts? I downloaded the mono and gecko installer, but I fail to find this next step. Any suggestions, please? This worked no problem! One question though, is there anyway to change the games aspect ratio to ? After that It says it needs to download Mono.

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So I hit download, that starts, however midway through every time, it crashes. It just randomly closes. You provided great instructions and I have been able to play Starcraft on my mac now. However, the game runs incredibly slow even when I change the options in the game to max game speed. My mac is 2. It runs Starcraft 2 with no trouble at all and with NO slowdown in single player or multiplayer. It is only with Starcraft 1 that it slows down. Do you have any idea of any settings in the Wineskin advanced menu that would allow the game to run at full speed without going at turtle speed every five seconds?

These are only the first few missions. Did you find a way to fix it? Marzzbar can you tell us your Wineskin screen options for Broodwar: automatic or override? And if override: — rootless windowed or fullscreen? Also, do you force use of wrappers quartz-wm or force use XQuartz instead of built in WineskinX11 advanced options? My config info: OSX Lion I want to paste a map in it. How can I run version switcher?

And I believe you can do this with other games also? Works Great. Is there anyway that you can turn off fullscreen? Is this normal? Use the -w flag to open in a window instead of full screen. In a hot room? A fellow blogger here, found your site via Quick. CMS, and I have a piece of advice: write more. Connection runs properly. Great instructions! I am having an issue, however, installing Starcraft. Everything goes fine until I enter my CD key — installer asks for a digit key and my cd case only has 13 digits on it!

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Thanks for a marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and may come back down the road. I want to encourage you to continue your great work, have a nice day! Umm i have a starcraft 1 disc and im using mountain lion doesnt work. Firstly, I cannot find the right engine for warcraft the one you listed , so I decided to install a different engine.

After that every time the game starts up it flashes blue and white and then just crashes. Thirdly I dont know where to find the patch for it. Thanks for this tutorial greatly appreciate your efforts! The first time, right after downloading, when it gave me the option to play the games, I clicked play, and both games ran fine.


NVM, i Figured it out. Except for the desktop short cut thing, but idc bout that, since the games still run. You can also choose the install file and and it should actually install, but I prefer to just choose game. It is the best time to make some plans for the long run and it is time to be happy. Maybe you can write next articles referring to this article. I want to read more issues about it! Thanks very much for this excellent tutorial!

Stuck at Initializing

I got my Starcraft: Brood War working just fine. There is only one difficulty that I have, and I was hoping that you could help me out with it. Every time I want to play the game, I have to uninstall and reinstall it. If I try to click on the wineskin Starcraft icon, it only asks if I wish to uninstall the game in a dialogue box—no game menu or anything. Do you know what I may have done incorrectly or how I can prevent this from recurring?

Never mind! I figured it out: I had not saved it as the proper. Thanks again, man, this tutorial was excellent. I think I am having the same problem as you were, in order to run SC:BW I need to uninstall and reinstall and then update with patch. THank you for this blogg. For now it gives me hope. I have the feeling I have done everything said but maybe not in the proper order though! Have Mountain Lion. First I assume the post is good for both where you mostly speak about FThrone. Got Winery. Went to get the Installer on BattleNet. Pick the Windows installer by mistake, but went back for the MacOS one.

Blizzard reports

I run wineskin winery. I double clic on the Winery Icon. Folder is: Warcraft III 1. Any advice or help here? I put my name and my valid cd-key. I uncheck the desktop shortcut in the Installation Destination Directory. Press OK. Installation starts. Installation Complete. It asks for register game or play.

I press play but when I do so… total mess on the screen! I have W3 RoC installed, also on wineskin and when i run the frozen throne installer, it tells me I have to install RoC first. Any idea how I can make it recognize that RoC is in fact there? Still, the posts are too quick for starters.

May you please prolong them a little from next time? This fixed the problem for me. I have Win XP. For Vista and above, it's in the folder listed by the above poster.

Thanks for the replies, but i took the easy solution. My brother came home and it was working fine for him, so i just transfered it from his computer. Another thing that may work is to enable P2P. I had this disabled on patch day and after a little bit nothing else happened for about 10 minutes.

Went into the launcher options and saw that P2P was disabled so I changed that.

Common Diablo 3 installation problems and how to fix them

Within 60 seconds, the download took off and finished up. Why did I have P2P disabled you may ask? Because in a previous patch, it seemed as if disabling it in much the same situation [stuck] made it work again. So it sometimes works both ways. All of the above advice is of course something you should keep around handy as well, the AGENT thing in particular. Please report problem posts. Site rules can be found here. I've had same issues last 2 times I was installing WoW on Windows in last few months. Both times problem was solved by trying again in the morning.