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If you do not see this picture when you boot up, and the Apple TV 1 just boots up normally, you likely need to create a new USB drive patchstick using a different USB drive preferably using a different brand. After the installation is finished, the screen will say that you can reboot. This will reboot your device. If you are one of the lucky people who have opted to install a new Crystal HD card you should visit stmlabs.

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It is a different software… that is installed in the exact same manner as the steps listed above. You may also want to read: XBMC How to install Mountain Lion Dell Inspiron details.

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    IPA location. Within that Update screen choose to update the Boxee Launcher. Update Boxee.

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    Update everything else. Select it, choose Update on the right side of the screen, and update everything offered on the succeeding screen. For some updates the Apple TV will reset. Others ask that you press Menu on the Apple Remote to proceed. Log into Boxee. Do so using the onscreen keyboard and Boxee should soon start.