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No complaints, loved working for MAC, great training, treat staff well and very helpful with any issues and very understanding, great management and lovely people. Fun work place. I loved the face that everyday was different and the team were very lovely. Great place to meet new people. My main focus is to progress in everything I do, I set myself goals to achieve, so mac was a challenge i enjoyed every second of. To create theme days for the girls on counter and being in charge of event in order to reach targets was fun and exciting. I worked my way up in MAC i enjoyed every second of it, I would look into ways to bring light back into counter by setting up master classes to engage with customers, adding that little extra made a huge difference within the team and figures achieved, and that was my sort of fun!

Fun place to work. Loved it here, fun excting place to work feels like your part of a family.

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Hours are long especially when you have a young toddler but overall loved it. The most creative environment, fast paced and full of incredible artists. My days varied from store visits to class room training. I invaluable training that improved my confidence in my job role, such as facilitation skills and leading effectively raining.

My manager was an inspiration that gave me constant feedback to make me the best I could be. The work place culture felt more like working with family and friends rather than work colleagues making work feel like fun. The hardest part of the job was the change within the industry that inflicted the business, the customer service programme had to change to align with what customers expected and with customers now watching YouTube tutorials we had to ensure the artists had the latest trend knowledge and skills.

The most enjoyable part of my job was class room training such as basic training, this is a five day training that covers all aspects of the job, customer service programme and artistsry. Fun, learning experience.

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Working at Mac Cosmetics was a huge learning experience for me, A typical day at MAC Cosmetics would include me doing make overs as well as reaching sales targets. I gained immense knowledge on customer service and customer relations as I worked in luxury retail so was dealing with high end clients. I improved my make up skills and techniques. Management was great as it is can be very challenging dealing with staff and customers on such a large scale and busy counter.

Workplace culture was great as it was very tight knit and always a great vibe on all MAC counters part of the MAC culture. Most hardest part of the job was probably dealing with difficult clients or trying to reach some targets. Most enjoyable part was definitely working with make up being able to be as creative as we wanted expressing our individuality and meeting great customers who I learnt a lot from.

Workplace culture feels very homely, support is there when needed. Amazing to work for! Such an amazing team! Work doesn't even feel like work! I learned a lot about working in a sales driven environment and found this to motivate me to work harder. Management is amazing, the managers are very relatable and they make work very enjoyable.

Amazing place to work!

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One of the best jobs I've had. Your co-workers become your second family and every day is jam packed with fun and excitement. Definitely recommended to everyone to apply for this place. Mac is one of the most rewarding companies to work for. You become a family. I absolutely loved the people and the environment I worked in. I also loved the product and working with it everyday. Mac is truly a culture. Great for advancing skills.

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Great if you're a team player. You learn a lot from other artists and trainers to advance your skills. Lots of inspiration at training and from senior artists. You get to make connections with some lovely customers. Staying true to their brand, their professional line has adopted the name MAC Pro. Much of their present day sucess is modeled from their early history, where MAC was able to, even then, successfully drive demand for their progressive edge. With the support of K. Key industry spots, Toronto and L.

Strenghts Covergirl is the leading drugstore brand of cosmetics made for women. They provide a wide variety of products including foundations, eye pencils, and powders in colors for a very large selection of skin tones. They tend to use familiar celebrity faces as their models.

The brand has been around since and is the most household name in makeup. They also rely heavily on their spokespeople to sell the product. Maybeline rules the market on mascara. They have a wide range of products that allow for glam looks, as well as every day looks. Their mascaras dry out easily and have been known to expire.

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Their target is the same as M. Strenghts They are a relatively new company that has begun being sold in Sephoras around the country. Smashbox has high quality primers, mascaras, and eyeliners. They are extremely active on social media, including instagram, twitter, tumblr, and facebook. Weaknesses As mentioned before, Smashbox is a relatively new brand. Though they are sold in Sephora, there are very few television ads for them, and they have no models or spokespeople. Also, their skin tone inventory is limited. Smashbox is also in the more expensive range for makeup.

Economic Forces Economically M. C Cosmetics has many marketing advantages because it has its own stand alone store. Many other makeup brands have presence in big department stores or smaller drug stores but few have their own store dedicated solely to their brand. Competitive Large market with numerous competitors.

Many are cheaper which could hurt with cutomers looking to save money, but gives us an edge when it comes to those looking for a higher class product. Political Forces M. C Cosmetics has not had any political problems. In fact, they dove into a political hot topic and jumped behind a huge cause. Technological Forces M. Socio-Cultural Forces Some people may see M. C as elitist or very cooperate due to their limited retail availability and certain company practices such as testing on animals. Some people may like this image, others are very much against it. Objectives We plan of increasing the sales of M.

We also plan to maintain M. Secondary research To research a little more into why women buy specific brands of makeup we read a few make-up blogs. We found that quality and price often come hand in hand.

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Also, women state that they are more likely to buy makeup like mascara from a drugstore because it needs to be replaced every three months. Lipgloss and nail polish are also most likely to be bought at a drugstore because most of the quality is the same. Foundations and face powders are more likely to be bought at a department store where there is a lot more variety and quality in the products. Primary research studios created a survey and received responses. From the responses we concluded that women in our target market buy makeup for quality.

We also learned that most women buy their makeup in a drugstore as opposed to other places like a department store or online. When asked about M. C cosmetics the responses varied from expensive, good quality, and good selection. Objectives What do people think of Mac cosmetics? Why do women buy a specific brand of makeup?

Where do women buy their makeup from? Functional Benefits M. C cosmetics products are full of bold colours, long-lasting pigments, and foundation shades for a wide variety of skin tones. Consumers have many product lines to choose from, including makeup, skin care, tools, and pro products. Self-Expressive Benefits Makeup is a form of self-expression.

C cosmetics users are seen as fashion forward dressers who like to make a statement. They are very put-together women. C has a wide variety of colours to match all skin tones, so that everyone can be a M. C woman. Emotional Benefits When a woman wears M. C cosmetics, she feels empowered by her bold choice of makeup.

She will also feel complete, as the full M. C experience offers everything a woman could want for makeup. The formula for the products is very high quality, so women can trust M. C as a quality brand. Jennifer Jennifer is a 21 year-old college student in Boston, MA. She is studying journalism and has a well-known fashion blog. She loves to add a little color to her nightlife look. With the right boldness on her face she steals the spotlight at a busy Boston hangout.

Ashley Ashley she is a 25 year-old stylist in New York City who knows how to stay above the latest trends. She is a stylist for several high profile professionals and likes to practice what she preaches. Charlotte is a 23 year-old young professional in Miami, FL. She works for a public relations firm and wants to have a little edge in the work place. She uses a bright color on her lips to standout across the conference table. Challenge M. C Cosmetics fails to be the very first brand consumers choose for their makeup needs.

Our challenge is to make M. C cosmetics the first makeup brand that is recognized and used by consumers in our specific target market. Solution We plan to give M. C Cosmetics a new image that will inspire women to choose the brand for reasons that are deeper than price or location. C Cosmetics will redefine the simplistic definition of makeup and assist in creating a new type of self-confidence. Insight Our research shows us that the most popular makeup brands are inexpensive and sold at drug store locations.

C is a more expensive brand we need to find a way to appeal to our target markets so they feel comfortable spending the extra money. Creative Strategy Studios will increase the sales of M. C Cosmetics by capturing our target market with edgy daring advertisements and executions. Testing When shown the advertisements people were very perceptive of the color on the edge concept because they were receptive to the black and white color scheme which complimented the pops of bright color.

We received feedback that indicated a need for a stronger call to action. People also wanted to see a M. C Cosmetics product in the ad to help with brand recognition. Art Direction Each advertisement features a recognizable warning sign which catches the attention of the consumer and then intrigues them to read the sign. The ad is more of an invitation to take a risk. We used M.

The background of the ad is a similar brick to the walls in M. C stores to provide an edgy studio vibe.

Each ad features a M. C Cosmetic product that help the consumer achiive brand recognition. Copywriting There will be a few sections of copy in each advertisement. The first sections is on the focal image of the ad, the warning sign. C edge by taking a risk with bold M. C color. Lasty we decided to include the product name to create a specific call to action for consumers as well as the website to direct purchases. Television commercial storyboard Front Medium Wide shot. Everything is Black and white. A girl wearing very fashionable close: a trendy shirt, skirt, and high heels, with her hair perfectly placed but no noticeable make-up, is walking down a New York City street.

Back Medium Wise Shot. Medium Wide Shot. She seems hesitant but makes the decision to walk into the MAC store. As soon as she opens the doors to walk out we see her in full color with her new MAC make-up on and bag in her hand. She is the only one in color and totally eye-catching. We have judged these cities to be liberal and open to our message of adding a bit of edge to your look. The ads will run for single months at a time in different cities.

The most heavily advertised times will be the beginning of spring and the entire month of December for holiday shopping. Billboard We have chosen to play billboards in three major cities around the US. We believe that these cities have the edge and the fashion sense to make M. They also have the most car transit of the six cities we are targeting with transit ads.

We plan to reach them through medium outlets such print, billboard, internet, and television. Pulsing Heavier advertising during holidays and changes in season.