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I just assumed there was a windows box involved. I suppose the MAS version is as good as anything on the mac. Can you even patch the boxed version to the latest version. I didn't look very hard I suppose but I didn't see a 1. It's the open sourced version of Doom 3 BFG It even has some graphical updates that vanilla BFG doesn't have such as soft shadows.

Isn't there a newer version of it that makes it a stand alone game? Or is that restricted to windows and linux? Also, goes without saying but it requires vanilla Doom 3 and not any kind of BFG edition. The old DOOM 3 can be made to look at least as good with the right mods at a fraction of the system requirements. But the last time I checked sounds works only with the headphone jack of your Mac. Lots but not all Mods will work with any Mac version.

Posted 10 October - AM With vanilla Doom 3 and modding you start running into some limitations though perhaps due to it being just OpenGL 2. Some of the features in sikkmod can't be enabled due to glitches and texture compression can't be with the high res texture pack which jacks up the VRAM requirements. I can't run it at x without it exhausting my VRAM and crashing at some point. I've messed around with that a lot so I know.

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There's no way I'd qualify that as having a fraction of the requirements of the leading alternative. But I'm going to give it a go once I can get my hands on compiled binaries for it.

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As for gameplay well They weren't happy with it vanilla.. They are just miserable I don't take what they say to heart.

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With vanilla Doom 3 they whine that it's too dark and the flashlight is inconvenient Lastly, sound in the Mac version is OK. I can't speak for the standard stock sound but OpenAL works fine once enabled in the doom3.

I am still kinda lo-fi guy when it comes to resolutions. Speaking of resolutions the vanilla Doom 3 also doesn't support aspect ratios beyond even with console variable modding. So if you have a monitor the best you can do is get a stretched to view. Or pillar boxed view Also, I don't always demand that I be able to run my games at my monitors "extreme" native resolution More Less.

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User profile for user: Towld Towld. Question: Q: Question: Q: Do anybody know how can i run doom 3 on mac with mountain lion Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context. Backup the executable file "Doom 3. Copy the executable file "Doom 3.

If you are using Win 98 OS use the win98 crack, same thing copy over original doom 3. Note if you use zonealarm or firewall allow doom3 to monitor user activities or you won't be able to move your character. Don't worry its not a virus, spyware or anything You may need to block doom 3 from internet or block with firewall but you shouldn't have to after you copy over the crack.

The crack works and doesn't require you to enter a cd key or anything, and you can still play without blocking with firewall or disconnecting from internet. If on a rare occasion it asks you for a key when you start up the game exit disconnect from internet retry game. Crack works for ROE to no cd checks, just play.

Players will revisit the setting introduced in 's Doom but with a more involved storyline written by sci-fi scribe Matthew Costello of 7th Guest and The 11th Hour fame.

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The result is a more cinematic experience than in games past, with elements of horror interwoven with the action to create a sense of tension. Shadows sometimes appear a split second before enemies attack, creatures materialize in the reflections of mirrors, and monsters can break through walls. Certain classic enemies have also been upgraded, such as the imps, which now stare players down with glaring eyes before pouncing on them.


Resurrection of Evil continues the terrifying and intense action of the already classic Doom 3, which Maxim and Computer Gaming World awarded "five out of five stars" and the Associated Press called "one of the scariest games ever made.