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The write speed is on the left and the read speed on the right, giving you an idea of how fast things will be written to the drive and how fast apps and files will load respectively. Finally, let's talk about graphical performance. For this, we usually opt for Maxon's Cinebench , another free piece of software that, in addition to testing your Mac's CPU much like Geekbench without the ability to compare with other results online , will use an OpenGL and Metal test to benchmark your graphics card. We also use Unigene Valley, download it here. Unigene Valley is a game-engine test.

System Tools

We use the "Extreme HD" preset for a quick and easy test. When it starts click on Benchmark. There are a number of tests you can run to test your graphics card performance. One renders a 3D scene containing 2, objects with lights, reflections, shadows, and shaders. To perform the test, simply open Cinebench and click Run next to the OpenGL test in the top-lefthand corner of the app. It'll take you through the test, and your final result will be displayed next to the Run button. If you do end up looking for a new Mac, take a look at our Mac buying guide. The Mac Pro when it launches in autumn is likely to have some very impressive benchmarks.

In the meantime, these two high-specced Macs should give a good idea of what can be expected at the top end.

Back in April we benchmarked an iMac with 3. It's benchmarks were as follows:. In June we benchmarked a 15in MacBook Pro with a 2. Both seem to be very helpful — give it a try. It gives very good info about all WiFi access points near you — it has been very helpful for me to determine the most ideal channels for my Access Points.

Oh just found the Lite version in the Apple Store , and can see that I may have the standard version after all.

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Just give the lite version a try for starters … worth it! Another good tip.

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WiFi Explorer Lite is a great app. Now I can see the whole WiFi environment wherever I am. Many thanks! Awesome Leonard!

Glad to hear that worked out for you. With Mojave I can see what connection type my iPhone has 4G indicator anyway. I just forgot to say that I wanna do this through command line or the terminal, is there any way? But I could be wrong of course. Do you maybe have a link? Support us by doing your shopping at Amazon.

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    How can I get this extra information about my wifi connection on Windows OS? People who don't know how to switch to another desktop and kill the app will literally have to force-shut-down their computer and lose unsaved data to recover from the all white screen. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

    How to Tell Your Upload and Download Speed on a Mac

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