Does mac pro have esata port

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And it also costs less typically, although a multi-interface case is a plus for use with systems that do not have eSATA. But the bottom line for me is, it's a whole can of worms I wasn't expecting. It seems that a lot of people who recommend this cable may not be aware of the potential roadblocks of trying to connect your external drive to your Mac using the Newer Tech eSATA extender.

My feeling at present is that a decent number of external drives just don't play nice when connected to the secret SATA ports via this extender. There's a few reports above on External cases used OK, but I welcome other reports from Mac Pro please note if early model or 1st gen users of the NT cable kit and external drives. Include ext. Latest Feedback on Ext.

Thunderbolt --> eSata adapter ?? : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

You had said you were curious what LaCie would say about my problems. Well, without too much pushing or testing on my part, I've suddenly been issued warranty service on the drive.

So either LaCie is pretty nice, or they are aware that there are issues with their drives. Attached is a PDF of the support exchanges. Been interesting reading your user reports -- seems I'm in the vast minority with the problems I've had. Thanks, Rob" I asked he report back later if any replacement worked. Mac Pro early , 2.

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Frequent rotating backups always one off-site with excellent results and very fast using SuperDuper Smart Update. I regularly boot from these enclosures to test them. Only one problem recently popped up.

Mac Pro eSATA

Error doesn't appear on standard short test, only the extended test. I called OWC this AM and tech suggested to unplug cable from logic board using hemostats and rerun test. Much easier said than done. Could someone run the extended AHT and report back? Thanks for providing this great, long-running service to the Mac community. Much appreciated.

I followed the instructions and disassembled everything. Originally I partitioned it used it with SuperDuper for image backups, now I use it as a single drive for my Time Machine backup. It's powered up whenever the computer is on. I haven't tried hot swapping drives. I've experiences zero problems. Sadly, there is not and will not be any Thunderbolt card for the Mac Pro as the Alpine Ridge thunderbolt cards are motherboard specific.

Installing an SSD might not be as straight forward as you think.

Thunderbolt to eSATA + USB 3.0 Adapter

Most SSDs are 2. See upgrade 5.

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Anandtech liked the Fusion drive but lamented its rather measly GB. But did you know you can make your own fusion drive and you can make it bigger?

Mac and eSATA Friendly

In fact, You can make one with any older Mac. Follow the guide here. Did you know that nVidia has OS X drivers for its cards? We even have an instructional video that shows how easy it is. OWC and Newer Technology make it easy to add it yourself. Any idea or hack that would allow me to get the sockets out of the box? Hi, Kostas. For help with this question, you can reach out to our customer service team via phone or live chat. List of controller cards for your mac Pro.

Which SATA Interface Do Macs Use?

Plus even on the basic 6 core, the video card extends so far it goesinto the fan in a little gap. OWC says that their modification should not affect the Apple warranty on the iMac.

Adding an SSD to your iMac not only will decrease boot time and increase the speed in which you can access your data, but with multiple OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSDs, you can achieve transfer rates so high, it will give you near instantaneous access to all your data. We took our stock inch 3. The transfer rates then increased dramatically achieving rates up to 6 times faster than the stock hard drive alone!

In addition to the performance benefits of SSD, this will also likely improve the reliability of the iMac, since magnetic drives are much more likely to fail than SSDs. When you do that, strongly consider ordering it with a Spanish keyboard at no extra charge. Many ProVideo Coalition readers may recall my recommendation to order your Mac with a Spanish keyboard, even if you type mainly -or exclusively- in English, as I explained in February If the number is very high, maybe Apple will reconsider adding eSATA ports to the iMac and other Macs directly from the factory in future models.

It may have grown by the time you read it! Listen to his TecnoTur program, which is now available both in Castilian and in English, free of charge. Eventually when companies start incorporating the ExpressCard 2.