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If you want to completely live in the Boxee or Plex world, this is all you need, really. However, I wanted to be able to start a few applications, have a virtual mouse, and perform a few other system-related tasks without the assistance of SSH or VNC, so I installed Remote Buddy.

These functions are very helpful particularly when Boxee crashes which it seems to do quite frequently. Not wanting to learn the hard way, I just installed the recommended Candelair IR driver. I believe this was addressed in a Snow Leopard Service Pack Because I have a weak wireless After a good deal of troubleshooting, I came to the conclusion that it was a client-based problem and not the fault of the built-in VNC server on the Mac Mini. If you have more than one computer that you would like to use to capture television content, I also suggest looking to the HDHomeRun newegg link.

You just plug this into your cable or antenna and plug it into your router. It will be assigned an IP address and you can then use it from your software on Mac, Windows or Linux. Our house has not only multiple Macs, but a number of Windows and Linux machines too including a just-built Home Theater PC running Windows 7 , so for us, this was the best option. Having said that, if you don't have multiple computers that want to share a tuner, you're better off just getting the EyeTV Hybrid which comes with the software or a TubeStick. We won't know until later this month or perhaps next month if iTunes 9 will indeed include Blu-ray support, but as it stands right now, playing Blu-ray on the Mac is a tad problematic.

Although you can get drives that you can use on your Mac, you have to interface with them in Windows to handle playback. Now, a Mac mini can play back Blu-ray rips beautifully, but you'll still need to use Windows to work with the discs. Although I feel pretty confident Apple will be expanding its Blu-ray support in the future I'm not privy to any secrets, this is just a hunch , at the present time the situation really isn't tenable for doing everything in one box. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Performance is just better and I usually have superior audio output options.

I was satisfied with the performance of Sierra on this machine configuration: 2. Here are a few key reasons why I made this decision besides the obvious Apple TV support and drive partitioning issues :. The Mac mini fits the bill for this key feature — and offers so much more. You have the SD card slot, expansion through ports for external drives, wireless options for streaming from another source, and more.

The 2. This allowed me to hook up the Mac mini and send the video right to the screens. This kind of self-contained functionality and utility was something I once had with the original Apple TV that I now have regained with the Mac mini. What can I say. Office and other various browsers and applications have begun to just move on. That will give me the most options. That solution eliminates the partition issues I was having with the mid Mini and lets me use the machine how I want, when I want.

Building a home theater network for Apple fans

Any Mac will work, but the mini is the preferred for this application. For those using an older Mac, I use the Kanex iAdapt It supports p video and fully uncompressed Dolby Digital 5.

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You should have a picture on your TV. There are a few mini keyboards that have trackballs or pads integrated in them. As mentioned earlier, the Mac is important because it provides the processing power to handle the transcoding of your media files. Plex Media Server download will continuously check your media for updated files from your main storage.

OWC Wants To Turn Your Mac mini Into A Supercharged HTPC | Cult of Mac

The other important software application will be Plex Home Theater download. It acts as the front end, think of it as the Apple TV interface for your home theater. Over the years, the software has progressed to where they provide a useful guided setup through the initial process. When finished, click Next.

Guide To Using Your Mac As an HTPC (Home Theater PC)

The next step in configuring your Plex Media Server is to show Plex where it can find your media libraries. Using a movie that you own and have created a digital copy, drag it to the folder. This allows your server to find movie poster artwork, summaries of the plot, actors, directors and more. The resulting file should be Despicable Me Tip: You can have multiple libraries. So, for example, you might store some movies locally on your Mac mini, some on a Drobo and some on a Windows Server. You choose where you want Plex to find your media. One aspect of Plex that is very much like AppleTV are channels.

That completes the basic process of setting up your media server. What happens now is that the media software will continue indexing the library contents. As it finds new content, it will pull all the relevant metadata include backgraound art and more. Use the same login credentials used when you signed up previously. If you make a mistake, you can always make changes. At this point, you should reach the main screen of Plex Home Theater.

itlauto.com/wp-includes/other/2489-perte-iphone.php It can controlled using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Scroll up and select your newly created server. If you have multiple movies, use the arrow keys to navigate. Press enter once again to select your movie. Here you should see the cover art, movie particulars and a background image. Using the arrow down button, you can select from options that include audio track, subtitles, your own custom ratings and whether it should be marked as watched, unwatched.

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To move navigate backward, use the ESC button. In my experience, there are are few remote options.