A problem occurred when processing opengl commands mac

If you've recently hand-edited preferences. Only delete the preferences file when Processing is not running. And do not modify the preferences. This will create a launch4j. Then you can post on the discourse section of the site to inquire for help, or the bugs database if you think it's a bug. The launcher starts, but times out because it assumes something is broken the Processing code is still indexing the sketchbook and says there's a launch4j error.

This is almost always the cause of problems in P2D and P3D. Try disabling any overly protective virus scanning software. It might be holding things up, especially when libraries have been imported. Make sure your version of OS X is supported. See the Supported Platforms page for more information. Open Console. If you don't know what they mean, post them to the forum where someone can help you out. If that prints any error messages, report them on the Forum or as a new issue so that we can help troubleshoot the problem and prevent it in the future.

See the Linux section of Supported Platforms for additional notes. Read the Changes-in Another common problem is placing images or files into the sketch folder by hand, rather than placing them in the data folder or using "Add File This will work from the PDE, but on export, the files won't be in included with your sketch because they're not in the data folder.

Watch out for issues with capitalization! Windows and Mac OS don't care about capitalization, so "blah. JPG" looks just the same as "blah. However, since most servers run on Unix, capitalization becomes a huge problem, because it must be exact. We've added some checks to try and catch this at least for images but they're not perfect.

This can especially be a problem when the. JPG extension is not even visible the default on Windows , so you don't know whether it's upper or lower case. If you get an OutOfMemoryError while running your program, use the Preferences window to increase the amount of available memory. Check the box next to "Increase maximum available memory" and enter an amount.

Upcoming bit operating systems get around this restriction and increase the amount of available memory significantly. Use this preference with caution, because if you set the memory too high, programs will no longer run in Processing.

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How to Fix the OpenGL Error

When you hit run, you'll get error messages. If this message appears after you hit Run, then you're trying to use more memory than the machine has installed:. The following messages mean that you're trying to use more memory than the Operating System allows regardless of how much RAM you have:.

Your mileage will also vary with different versions of Java 1. Unfortunately the memory limitations of Java set an upper bound that is outside our control. If you're having trouble creating very large images for this reason, you might look into the PDF or DXF libraries that are included with Processing, or the contributed Illustrator or SVG vector export libraries that can be found on the libraries page as another alternative for creating large format images.

Memory is like any constraint found in other media, you simply need to be more clever about how to deal with the limitations. To check the amount of memory that's used so far, or how much is available, use Java's Runtime object:. Comparing a string quoted text is different in Processing Java than it is in ActionScript or some other languages, which often confuses people.

For instance, while this might make sense:. You'll never see the message, even if "hello" is in the list. Instead, use equals or one of the other String methods eg. That's because Java compiler detects two identical constant strings, so it groups them together, and their references memory location are identical. If you write instead:. In this case, integer 2 is divided by 5, which is zero, and then zero is assigned to a float. On the other hand, this:. In this case, Java sees that 2. NaN is shorthand for "Not a number", which means the result of a calculation is undefined.

This is caused by dividing 0. Infinity is the result of a calculation that is too large to be normally represented by a floating-point number. It's commonly seen as the result of dividing a number by 0. Its opposite value, -Infinity, is the result of dividing a negative number by 0. These unexpected results are often hidden by variables. Check the value of your variables with print to search for these and similar numerical problems.

The reason this doesn't work is that color 0, 0, 0, 0 creates an int that is simply '0'. Which means that fill color 0, 0, 0, 0 is the same as fill 0 , which is Since this is unlikely to be fixed anytime soon if ever , there are multiple workarounds that you can use:. In macOS Sierra, Apple changed how key repeat works. In most applications, when you press and hold a key for some characters, a small menu will pop up that shows possible alternates. Unfortunately, this means that pressing and holding u inside a Processing sketch won't work properly. Note that this will turn off the menu for your other applications as well, so if you need to bring back the old behavior, do the following:.

The semicolon immediately following if should not be present here, as it effectively closes the if logic, so the code block beneath it will always run regardless of whether or not somethingAmazing is true or false. If you write informal code some test lines, no setup and want to add a function eg. You need to wrap your lines of code not the functions! Technically, that's because if your code has no setup method, Processing will wrap it in a generated setup. But Java doesn't allow nested methods, hence the error.

If your code has methods it's not just in static mode or needs to run over time, it must have a draw method, otherwise nothing will happen. For instance, without a draw , this code will stop after the setup method:. An UnsupportedClassVersionError means that you're using code that was compiled for a later version of Java than is supported by Processing. As of the 3. A message like java. Any code that accesses the pixels[] array should be placed inside loadPixels and updatePixels.

This can be confusing because it was not required in older code, i. A complete description can be found in the reference for the pixels array.

How to Enable Premiere Mercury Playback GPU Acceleration (CUDA) on iMac without Terminal Commands

Why doesn't saveFrame or saveStrings or saveBytes write things to the data folder? All saveXxxx functions use the path to the sketch folder, rather than its data folder. Once exported, the data folder will be found inside the jar file of the exported application or applet. In this case, it's not possible to save data into the jar file, because it will often be running from a server, or marked in-use if running from a local file system.

With this in mind, saving to the data path doesn't make sense anyway. Objects with alpha lines or shapes with an alpha fill or stroke, images with alpha, all fonts are displayed in P3D and OpenGL based on their drawing order. This creates some annoying effects like making things opaque if they're drawn out of order with objects above or beneath them.

This is simply how most 3D rendering works. We don't enable this by default because it would make all sketches slower, not just ones that need it. Names of sketches cannot start with a number, or have spaces inside. This is mostly because of a restriction on the naming of Java classes. Mind the capitalization of built-in functions. If a method or variable name is two words, usually the first word is lowercase and the first letter of the second word will be capitalized.

For instance: If you have a function called mousepressed , it won't be called when mouse events occur, because it needs the capital P on 'pressed'.

How to Solve OpenGL Errors

On Windows, sometimes your programs will run in a window that has a Java coffee cup icon, instead of the usual Processing icon. This simply means that the application is being run outside of Processing as an external application. This happens when extra libraries, multiple source code files more than one tab , or extra code files in the 'code' folder are employed.

The ancient PSound class no longer exists, and Minim the library used in 2. Processing sketches have a default frameRate setting of This prevents sketches from needlessly running too fast and throttling the CPU. However, this is only the "maximum" frame rate, if a lot of computation is in the code, the sketch will attempt to use as much CPU as is available. On Windows, this can sometimes cause audio hiccups when an MP3 player is running at the same time, or another application is trying to do something simultaneously.

To fix the audio issue, add a delay 5 or delay 10 to your code, which will give five or ten milliseconds to other applications so they can breathe. For other applications, you may have to set the frameRate lower, or use a longer delay. If your sketch is based on Java Mode, where you explicitly say that the class extends PApplet, then the preprocessor assumes that you know what you're doing.

You'll have to make sure that your code is named properly. This means that if you have "public class PooTime extends PApplet" at the beginning of your sketch, you bet your a-- the tab will need to be named PooTime. If not, your code isn't gonna run. I mean, c'mon Limited selection for the Mac and not inexpensive. I have no experience with these at all but most reviewers seem to like them. Thanks for your help.

I will look into that. Quadro looks like it might be the one. I am on a Mac 3,1 and it looks to be compatible. Thanks again. If it's checked, try unchecking it. Darby Edelen.

Troubleshoot OpenGL problems | After Effects CS4-CS

I had the same error the other day when activating motion blur for my RAM previews. I worked out that it didn't like one of my layers - switched off that layers motion blur and it's been fine since Might help. Might not.

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Sorry to dredge up an old post, but I just lost a couple hours of productivity in AE 6 because it kept giving me the open GL error. It finally occurred to me that motion blur might be the culprit. I can't replicate this error, and I'm using illustrator and photoshop files only. Haven't solved it, but do get it quite a lot with HD comps if I turn on motion blur, so at least on my macbook pro its entirely due to using motion blur.

I have found a workaround that works most of the time. Go into your comp settings, navigate to the advanced tab, lower the samples per frams to around 12, and same with the adaptive sample limit. It doesn't work all the time, but it has gotten me out of a couple tight spots. If anyone can crack this case, we are all 'eyes'! I just run into the same problem, I'm almost sure it's related in this case to Optical Flares.

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  • I have a scene with several OF which are following different sets of lights. Everything was working fine until I added an expression to animate the intensity of the lights sequentially,. At that point the program crashed and when I restarted I got the "A problem occurred" message.