Best memory upgrade for mac mini 2012

The more apps you open without closing down other ones, the less available RAM will remain available to accommodate other apps and perform other functions.

What is the best RAM for a Mac? (MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini)

Paging can make a computer that seemed fast a second ago slow to a crawl. On these Macs, RAM is factory-installed directly on the motherboard as onboard memory.

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NewEgg has a memory finder. The more RAM a Mac has, the better it performs—but how much improvement will you see? The first system we tested was a mid iMac with a 3. The second was a late MacBook Pro with a 2. Our Photoshop test consists of performing a series of actions on a file. As the test results show, the effect of additional RAM on performance depends on the file sizes you typically work with.

Photoshop is a perfect example of an app that can take advantage of having a large amount of RAM available. It even lets you specify a maximum allowable amount of RAM for the app to use. Otherwise, Photoshop might eat your entire RAM pie, leaving just the crumbs for your other applications. We ran Windows 7 using VMware with a relatively light set of tests.

Virtual machines can require a lot of RAM, but not always. Mathematica was the only other test that saw a speed boost of greater than than 5 percent—but the overall increase on this test was only about 6 percent.

After quadrupling it from 4GB to 16GB, we saw a 6 percent increase. Of our 15 test results, 12 failed to show at least a 5 percent increase in speed when we upgraded our test systems from 4GB to 8GB or 16GB. Below, we list the results for the 12 tests where our systems showed minor or no improvement after we added RAM. Some test results even seemed to get slightly worse after the RAM upgrades, although this effect is probably due to randomness. And there seem to be more problems associated with buying RAM intended for Macs.

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I've got a mid tier standard model 2. I'll likely just go with the Crucial 16gb and call it good. The deals on Newegg are what made post this thread. The savings isn't huge, and if Crucial is known to be fully compatible, I'll stick with that.

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BigMa macrumors member. May 31, 43 0. RAM with min latency? What is the fastest, i. Wil-J macrumors newbie. Oct 26, 6 0.

Apple quietly updates Macs to remove Zoom webcam exploit

Ram Edit: Oops. Oct 28, 39 0 Ontario. Ice Dragon macrumors a. Jun 16, Apple ram requirements state 1. Will it harm this computer to use 1. Oct 3, 65 0. Last edited: Oct 28, I posted a link earlier this week with a picture of a memory stick that ifixit had removed. It was Crucial and according to their data sheet it is 1.

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  5. Ice Dragon said:. Where does Apple state this? Jul 27, If you are upgrading memory in the new Mac Mini with memory from Crucial say the 16GB option , does that mean you are simply throwing away the 4GB 2x2GB of memory that came pre-installed? What other use might there be for the stock memory that will get pulled out? GizmoDVD macrumors Oct 11, 1, 1, SoCal. Poki macrumors Mar 21, 1, Sep 16, 10 0. Is this one compatible? OldSchoolMacGuy Suspended.

    Jul 10, 4, 8, Oct 29, 6 0. Anyone know if the mac mini will run the 1.


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    I've seen plenty of ivy bridge mini-itx boards intel included running the memory at 1. Needless heat and power consumption. Westyfield2 macrumors a. Jun 9, 0 Bath, UK. From another thread: Westyfield2 said:.