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I think because of Wep encoding not sure therefore not accepted by windows. If this is the problem, is there a way to use WPA? I tried this at work — but when I start the WiFi-Diagnosis-Tool I can see that my set up network has no signal… I tried it with WEP and without just to check if this causes the failure. You are actually encouraging people to setup WEPs!? Come on guys, that is insane! Nobody should be using WEPs in Is there a way to create a virtual adapter a la windows 7? Did you ever learn if it is possible to share internet from a computer that is getting connection wirelessly.

Wi-fi to wi-fi? I set it up just like you said, with my MacBook connected to ethernet. All went well until I tried to use it. Tried several times…same result. Try setting it without WEP encryption or by using a different encryption strength. Tried it both ways, first with bit WEP, then wide open. Oh well…. I have the same problem. For the 1st time, it works well with my android phone. I enjoyed using it for a week. I tried to restart my phone, but nothing changed. I tried to restart my macbook again, but nothing happen until now.. This works. Also it must be ensured that if your mac shows 2 ports or more namely ethernet, wifi … do not check ethernet option.

The problem is that the Mac only provides a WEP connection which means the password is easily hacked. Investing in an Airport Express will provide better security. Another good solution is to use one of the VPN services out there. This will allow you to connect to the internet over an unsecured connection, like your Mac on WEP, and still be secure.

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Who cares? Typically things like the Windows firewall get in the way of computers seeing each other on a LAN. Was wondering what if you have a USB dsl modem, no cat5 connection.

And u wish to share the internet connection through a DLink wireless router? When i first tried it, with some fiddling i got it to work however two days later it stopped working. It depends on what other connections you have available. Im trying to connect my desktop to the internet via dial up and then my laptop from my desk top is it posible. Yes I am running ME on both of my computers, and I was wondering how or if you can set them up as one of them acting as a server so that it can gain access to the other one, and also block the other one from loading software with out an administrative password?

I know this is a lot but can you please help me? Leo, I am a novice with wireless and connectivity. Please bear with me: I have a dial up modem with one phone line, and three computers. Two are laptops, one is a desktop. I would like the lap tops XP to be wireles to the internet, the desktop ME can stay as it is. What do I need to do? Do I need to change my phone connection type, or does the router? How do you find a card for my laptop that is compatable with a router, and my phone company?

If my latop is wireless can I use it in any hotspot like an airport or do I need yet anotherpiece of hardware of service provider? If I can set this up will this system also allow me to recieve landline phone calls. When setting up XP it askes if i am a part of a domain or a local network. I have a network set up and running just fine on four computers. Hey there, I was going to buy a router today until i started thinking what i need to buy!

So if i had 2 desktop computers in each side of the house how would i connect them to a router and what would i need? My problem is frequent dropped home network connection. The scheme is DSL to server with one client computer. When I boot up and start the proxy the connection is strong and stays strong. File sharing works great, and the client can access the net through the server no problem. Then suddenly the connection will be dropped and the computers lose contact. I have tried everything and read all I could so far to solve this problem but nothing works.

Drivers are up to date. Equipment seems good because it works like new when it IS working. Any advice? I do have one question that may lead somewhere. Should I have something in there with this setup? I have my cable modem and Linksys cable router attached to my Windows 98 machine which acts as the host.

Ocassionaly, a re-boot will fix it but more often than not, I will get a message that a network cable is unplugged or something like that. The mapped drives to my host machine never connect without forcing a search for the mapped drive.

This has worked flawlessly for over a year. Any ideas what might be going on? Network Neighborhood does indicate two connections which I believe are my external firewire hard drives, but I am not sure. I would check, perhaps even replace, the cable you are using. Perhaps plug the cable into a different port on the router, and lastly, perhaps even try replacing the network card on the machine. Both have LAN cards and have a cable between them. How can I rectify this problem?

Check that last article for that. It has a static ip address, and the gateway is the router, the router is the dhcp server. Thanks, Monica. An access point is expected to be connected to a wired network. It does not communicate wirelessly to the router. Just like in the diagram. But for some reason the Internet will still not work on either computer. Right now there is the wire running from the modem to the router and two wires running out of the router to each computer.

But still nothing. Does something need to be connected to that running to the base computer? Or would this be an ISP issue? After flashing BIOS, the screen is nothing but power led is blink. I think my BIOS is error. Please, help me! I have set up a home network that looks like this. PC Connected…. Laptop connected …. The primary reason for setting this up was to connect wirelessly to the internet. That works fine. So far so good. XP has an automatic wireless network set-up feature but this requires that the wireless router use a flash drive, and my wireless router does not have a USB port.

Now, one thing I have found is that if I change my SSID on the wireless and router to a custom name, then I CAN log on to the wireless network and access the router , but, cannot access the internet from that wireless network. This could mean that the problem is some setting with the modem. With NAT enabled, this means that you can actually set up two computers out of the one modem one IP address.

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However, all sorts of problems arose when I tried to go wireless, and no one wanted to help me when I had the other setup, as people found it weird. Also, I have left NAT on, because it seems to be very popular. I think of it as kind of like a universal splitter that just kicks in whenever you need it, but really, I have no idea what it does or whether I should just turn it off. Excuse the length, but I thought that if I gave as detailed a description as possible, people might make better use of this. Thanks all. Despite my protestations, I did have a secondary firewall on.

When I got rid of that, I could right click on a Folder and choose to share it. When I searched from the other computer, it found it. It always seems strange how computer things appear impossible until you get them working, but when you do, they always seem so bloody simple! I set it up using the MS XP wizard.

It works perfectly with my main Desktop and my Laptop, I can access the internet and my email with no problems and share my printer. I do not necessarly wish to share files between both computers, so just a simple network and the same ISP. At the moment I have a guest at my house who has normally only dialup but with a different ISP than myself. What can I do. I have 2 PCs. How do I create a LAN Peer-peer between the two of them, just to share files and printers and probably internet connections. I will very much appreciate your quick response.

And someday you can plug in the internet. I have a computer in my basement connected to a cable modem. Is it possible to connect a wireless-router to a upstairs computer and be able to read the basement cable modem? Or do i have to directly connect the router to the modem? You need to connect your access point or router to the cable modem, and install a wireless network card on the upstairs computer. I have started a new business. I have a laptop connected to the internet via cable. I have no land line in my home, I just have a cell.

In order to connect to home office the program they have supplied me with to transmit statements is dial up. Obviously I have no dial tone to connect. Is there a way of connecting with my cable modem to their dial up modem? I would like to ask if you could clarify regarding what you said about the configuration of connecting from the isp to the router.

Enable Internet Sharing in Mac OS X to Turn Your Mac Into a Wireless Router

Ana: not really. In general what I do instead is use a data connection between my cell phone and laptop exactly how depends on the phone and your cell provider. Bonus is that you get higher speeds that way. Ria: you really need to ask you provider what it is they need. Again, your ISP should tell you. Does any actions carried out by one pc affect the other. A one time registration for something online on one pc but not being able to carry out the same registration on the other. But in general, no, machines do not affect each other that way.

Registration in particular is one that remains unique to each machine. Hi there. I am wondering if I can direct connect two computers to each other without a router. Namely an old win95 laptop to a winxp desktop. Both have Ethernet cards etc. Hi I have a computer connected to the internet by 56k, How can i share this connection to intenet through a Linksys Wireless-B Broadband Router? I am able to access and share files from the laptop to the PC but not the other way. It is as if there is some kind of firewall stopping me seeing the laptop?!

I have tried every measure I know of and searched forums for an answer but as yet have had no success. Avast anti-virus previously had Nortons. Windows firewall on or off makes no diff Sharing on all folders. You can in theory hook up a hub or switch switch is better straight to this modem and use more than 1 computer on the connection.

The problem is the modem interfaces are usually horrible. If so how could I do that I really don;t want to buy network cards and network cables. Phone line: no. One pc connects via the usb port, the other via the LAN port, as the userguide shows. I assumed the SB would automatically assign individual addresses to each PC?

Any ideas on how to cure? Thanks in anticipation, Col. That modem supports one OR the other, but not both at the same time. You probably need to add a router to your mix, as described in the article. Clarification: your ISP probably supports only one connection. In either case adding a router is the appropriate solution. Thanks for your prompt replies, I also asked Motorola support this question and got the following reply:. The modem only supports sharing files between the 2 PCs, not internet connection, the manual never states that.

Thanks again, Colin. The Motorola SB is able to give 2 or even more connections. This provides internet acces to my other computer via my ethernet card. Your article assumes the use of ethernet for 2 of the PCs. File sharing would be an added bonus as she has run out of storage space on her 20 Gb HDD! How do I set up a wireless router if I only have a laptop. I have no desktop to plug the cable into. I have done this with a desktop and a router, but now I need to set up elsewhere for just a laptop. I have a broadband connection which needs to be logged into. Can I use a switch instead of a router to use two systems simultanously?

Or can I at least use one system and use one port of the switch to connect the Packet8 device? Pretty much like the diagrams in the article. We have your basic wireless setup Using a broadband router. Do we need to add firewalls to the computers behind the router that is set up with bit incription. Otherwise, no … I run without firewalls on my machines, just the router. Users log on to a server for central data storage and shared resources. It all works ok but net logons are hideously slow. That is fine but if you are not using the wireless feature DISABLE it by turning it off in the wireless configuration part during the initial setup!

If you are not using the wireless portion then there is no reason to allow other to see you have a network and to try to break in. Wireless networks, even when using the built in security, are fairly simple to break into. If a malicious person wanted to, they could get in and steal your files or delete them or do whatever they wanted. They could also install software that will tell them your passwords for online accounts eBay, PayPal, online banking, etc.

I have a home network set up to share an internet connection and to share files and printers. I have a cable modem connected to a linksys b wireless router with four available RJ34 ports. I have the four ports wired to rooms in my home. He wished to know how to scan to find out the IP addresses on his network. The nicest piece of software that I know of to do this is angry ip scanner. Available from snapfiles, and lots of other sites. I got a question. I live in an apartment build that proveds me with a connection to the internet, the whole apartment is wired for internet using a t1 line.

So in my apartment I have an RJ45 port that i use to conenct to but soon I will be getting a second computer that I will want to network to the internet and my first computer. So my Idea is that I get a router and the connect my computer to that will this work right? I think so. If I understand you correctly you described exactly what I would do in that situation.

My computer will be located in a room above the garage which is about 50m from the house. Cable run with turns and stuff will prob be about 60m or so. I am quite happy doing the connections and stringing the cable etc BUT…what i need to know is : is this distance for a cable connection too long?

Hi Leo, I have ethernet ports located throughout my home. I have my computer and modem located in the upstairs bedroom. Then I was told to place the modem in the basement and plugged the etherent cat5 cords in the modem from the basement. What about the phone line that was plugged in the modem when it was upstairs?

Do I need that? I have a U-Verse 4 port router and have 6 devices to connect. My choice is to add a 5 port hub or a 8 port switch. Would the hub or switch make a difference?

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In general the rule of thumb is to reduce the number of devices that traffic has to travel over, and reduce the amount of irrelevant data that each device has to see. I want to set up a wireless router for my laptop while remaining hardwired on my desktop computer. That is, hardwire from DSL modem to wireless router, hardwire from wireless router to desktop, and wireless to laptop. I need to add two more pcs in that location. Can I have a switch connected to one of the ports of my wireless router?

I have a Leviton Integrated Network smart house panel that distributes ethernet to all rooms, so that is where my DSL modem and wireless router are installed centrally located in the house. I also have an older router that is not wireless capable. Can that be connected to a wireless router port for adding network?

How to make your Mac a WiFi hotspot and share your net connection

Perhaps there is an even easier solution to my problem. Please advise. I am going to let my son have his own PC. It will have a wireless connection to our wireless router which is also used by two other computers. ROuter has a hardware firewall. Wireless broadband — as in setting up a WiFi access point on your broadband connection — can be simply protected by configuring the access point to require a WPA key, and then only installing that key on machines you want to give access to. Hi, Leo — Thanks for the article, it helps a lot. But, I still have some doubt;- I have a cable modem with the ethernet connected to my PC so far working solo ok and I want to add another PC on the same connection; can I just use a 4-port switch instead of the router as in the above graph?

Would my 2 PCs work then from the switch alone connected directly to the cable modem? Would they then have same IP or different ones? Thks in advance. If your ISP assigns only one IP address, and the cable modem is not also a router, then you will need a router. I have a wired home network with 2 computers hooked to it. I use a 4 port linksys router and cat 5e cable. They both have different download speeds and the Vista machine seems to load the pages faster. Does the ram affect this and also does the hard drive have any affect? I am pulling my hair out! I have one pc hardwired, 1 pc wireless, and my laptop which is wireless.

All the other computers were turned off except my laptop. I have no clue where the other computer came from. My question is, how do I keep Lonnies computer from accessing my network. Thank you, Evelyn. Hi Leo- I have a home with three floors basement, first and second. On the first floor, I have the internet broadband cable modem connected to a D-Link gigabit wireless router. I want to get wired as well as wireless connection to the basement and the second floor. To do this, I paln to run ethernet cable from the DLink wireless router first floor to a D-link wireless access point in the basement.

This access point has 4 ports, allowing for 3 wired connections in the basement. The fourth port I plan to connect to a switch, from where I will run ethernet cable to the second floor. This will terminate in a wireless access point. I know this sounds complicated, but with the way chases are run in the house, this would be the easiest way to run cable.

Does that sound like a reasonable setup? Leo- Thanks for that prompt response. My daughter will be attending college and living in a dorm room. Most of the dorms do not have wireless yet. I purchesed a network printer and a laptop and assume that her roomate will also have a computer most likely a laptop. The laptop and the printer are M capable. My thought was to set up a small LAN in her room. This is an excellent resource. In my situation, I work from home in the converted 3rd car garage which is seperate from the house by about 50 feet.

It his hard wired to my work computer. In the house I have a home computer with wireless nic but the signal is hit or miss. I am sure due to distance and walls.

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I have a Linksys wireless router sitting and doing nothing. Can I use this to attach to the current wireless network and provide more stable connection in the house? Can someone tell me the cable confguration I have to use to connect a router to a lan card of my pc. I think that straight through cable will be required but someone says that this is not the case. I purchased a wireless laptop that run windows vista.

I also have a desktop the runs windows XP. How can I connect both computers to one internet account using a mobile broadband device? This computer may have network connectivety issues. Please let me know if someone trying to access my personal information and stalk what I do. These reviews are visible on TV, print and on the Internet. They commonly compare diffrent products aknowledging the pros and cons of using one over the other.

The main concerns of reviewing cable modems are to show which modem provides are the most eay to use and much better. The base unit works and one other, but whichever one I use, it has to connect directly to the broadband to function. I set up a network and yes, they all see the wireless signal and connect ok via the password I set on my Link54G and all seems to be fine. I can see my other computers on the workgroup. Help me out, I appreciate it. US Embassy, Beijing China.

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What do you think the problem is? Based on the information that you have given here for setting up a home network using a linksys device capable of hardwired and wireless, how would I set this up to be able to share files across the home network? I have a DSL modem connected to a laptop. I would like to share that connection with my desktop via wireless.

I can get them to talk to each other but the desktop will not see the internet. Is this the wrong way of doing this? And keep the other one hooked up to my flat screen in my living room and have it networked to the one in my room so it can share the printer and scanner and get access to the internet.

I have done some research but need more clarification for my situation. Neither computer have built in wireless either. Can I make this work bu buying a USB network adapter for the one in the living room so it can gain access to the one in the bed room with the printer and scanner and wireless router??

Please e-mail me back if I left important information out. One is wired right into the DSL modem while the other is run wirelessly. I have both laptops in the same workgroup and shared. I was able to access both laptops from the other but than one day I was able to see either one. I know of no changes. Any ideas to get me back to being able to access both laptops from each other? Well, I checked my Firewall settings and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

File and Print Sharing was checked under Exceptions for both laptops…. I went through and shut off the firewall on each laptop and all I can see in the workgroup is the on each laptop is itself. Hi Leo! Bought new apple airport extreme router to handle it all. Does that seem right, or scam-ish? I have a blu ray player that needs to be wired, but I wanted to know if I could use an extra wireless router as an access point to get a connect to the player.

Hello Leo, Great Site! Any help would be greatly appreciated Thansk, cat. To Laurie concerning your Airport router. My father is doing exactly what you are trying to do. He has cable internet and is currently using a one computer modem supplied by his provider. He has a an Airport router hooked up to it. While he is in town, he uses a Mac computer wired directly to the router, another Mac using the Wifi, and a networked printer through the USB port. While he is out of town, I house sit for him and I leave his Epson printer connected and network my Brother printer through a network port, and then use the remaining ports to connect a desktop PC, and an x-box, while running a notebook PC wireless.

All of these run without problem. I do the same thing at my house with a Netgear router and my friend with a Linksys. The only difference between what we are doing and what the provider wants to sell you is their device just combines the modem and router in to one device. Sorry, I am confused. I was directed to this page via Ask Leo search page.

Im having a problem installing a addon to our network. This runs to a 3com hub with 16 jacks. Seven of them jacks are being used for internal networking and little WAN. Apart from unlimited hotspot uptime, you get features such as custom hotspot naming, the ability to share Internet from 3G and 4G networks for sharing USB Internet dongles , and advanced firewall controls choose which devices can access Internet and personal files on your LAN. That's all. You'll be able to use the Internet on other devices now by connecting to the network you specified under Network Name. Are there any other ways that you used to get this done?

Let us know via the comments. As always, you can read more tutorials in our How To section. For the latest tech news and reviews , follow Gadgets on Twitter , Facebook , and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Use Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8. Here are the steps to setup your Windows machine as a Wi-Fi hotspot: Download Connectify and install it. The installation is pretty straightforward and when installation is complete, restart your computer. After restarting the computer, check whether it is connected to the Internet. If it is, run the Connectify Hotspot app.

You'll see two tabs in the app - Settings and Clients. In the Settings tab, under "Create a Under Internet to Share , you'll see a drop-down menu. Expand it and select the connection you want to share. We tested this app with a wired and a wireless connection and found that it worked perfectly with both. Under that, you'll see some more options.

Add a Wi-Fi password. Click Start Hotspot.