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Asked 4 years, 3 months ago. Active 4 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 4k times. The model is A IconDaemon It's really pretty simple: did it come with a power brick?



If yes then you can't use it without the brick. And this applies to any electronic device that comes with a power brick. In general, a model that requires a power brick would not be expected to have an IEC inlet at the back that would allow an AC cord to be plugged in to it. Random, I'm not the one asking the question about the Mac min's power supply, zm15 is. All Mac mini's starting with models going forward use a built-in power supply and thus a straight power cord from wall or AC power source to the Mac Mini's built-in power supply.

Mac mini Late 2012 Power Supply Replacement

The plug design ought to be such that you cannot even do it. Tetsujin Tetsujin True, I have another plug that happens to fit the back of the mini, and didn't know if it would cause damage. Featured on Meta.

Strip and solder all of the positive wires together. Do the same to the negative wires.

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  8. Plug the Logic Board connector back into the Logic Board. Cut two lengths of wire and solder them to the positive and negative leads.

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    Fasten the Hirose connector in the space left by the AC connector. Strip and solder the leads from the Logic Board to the Hirose connector.

    Apple Mac Mini G4

    This requires a mating cable wired the same way to be effective. Insert the Logic Board assembly back into the case. Follow the steps in the iFixit guide in reverse order to reassemble the Mac mini.

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    Connect the Hirose connector to any 12 VDC source, and power it up. Tips and Tricks. Mac Mini. DC Power.