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To get started, download Scroll Reverser.

Reverse Reversed Scrolling direction - Mac OS X Hints

The application comes in a ZIP file, which you can unarchive on your Mac simply by opening it. Next, drag Scroll Reverser to your Applications folder, then start it up. You will find a new icon in your menu bar.

Any device checked here will do the opposite of the system-wide setting. So if you have natural scrolling enabled in system settings, any device checked here will do the opposite. My recommendation: Here you can disable the menu bar icon, which can free up some clutter. You also have the option of automatically starting Scroll Reverser when your Mac starts up, which is a good idea if you find the application useful.

Release Notes

With a little configuration you can use your trackpad with natural scrolling and your mouse without it, an option that should have been available all along. If you set it to non-"natural", the trackpad is wrong and the mouse is right. The problem would be solved if OS X allowed the "Scroll direction: If I could set them independently, then I would set it to "non-natural" for mouse, and "natural" for Trackpad, and then everything would be correct as far as I'm concerned!

I don't think I'm asking for anything weird here. All I want is for a scroll-wheel to behave like a scroll-wheel, and a touch-based surface to behave like a touch-based surface.

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Posted on Apr 3, Sep 9, 6: Reverse the direction of scrolling on macOS. This means that any developer who wishes to can continue to maintain the app in the event that the original developer stops.

Scroll Wheel Reversed

Apr 3, I am aware that there is a utility called "Scroll Reverser", which allows you to set the scroll direction independently for each device: However, I've now got to the stage where I'm reluctant to install 3rd-party utilities that change the core behaviour of OS X, even if they appear to work fine now. Will the utility work with future versions of the OS? Will the developer still be around to fix issues?

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  • Will it conflict with other software? If you need to uninstall, is there an uninstaller and has it been tested with the future OS version you're on?

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    The fact is I've had a few strange issues in the past that have mysteriously gone away when I did a clean install of OS X. I like to run a stable rig, and I've learnt that to do this, it's key to stick to the out-of-the-box OS as much as possible, and avoid installing "tweaky" 3rd-party utilities that change the core OS behaviour, unless you really have to. I've sent feedback to Apple at https: Apr 5, 3: Hi Eric, the two settings are linked, and that is precisely the problem. If you change one, the other updates to the same value. I want them to be de-linked.

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    For me, what's "natural" for a trackpad is different to what's "natural" for a mouse. I want a trackpad to behave like any other touch surface drag the page in the direction you want the page to move and a mouse wheel to behave like a mouse wheel turn the wheel in the direction you want to scroll.

    But that would require "Scroll direction: And apparently, it's not just me who wants this - otherwise why would a utility like "Scroll Reverser" have been developed? Page content loaded. Apr 4, 4: I don't have a mouse, but are you changing the scroll direction in both Mouse Preferences and Trackpad Preferences? Feb 2, 9: OMG that is such a life saver.

    Why The Scrolling Direction Reversal in Mac OS X Lion Makes Sense

    I have been frustrated for the last 5 years not being able to do exactly what the scroll reverser does reverse either the trackpad or attache USB mouse vertical scroll direction. That is if you scroll naturally on the trackpad you scroll naturally on the mouse, i believe exactly the opposite is true. May 9, 9: This Raptor's response help me solve - Re: