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If you don't mind everything going through Amazon, the Amazon Kindle eReader application for Mac has the nicest interface at this time. Thanks for the note. I've actually been using Calibre to try to convert LaTeX documents into different eBook formats, and totally forgot to put it on the list, lol.


Free Mac eReader applications. By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: March 9 Here's what the Mac Kindle eReader looks like, with my Hyde application running in the background to hide my desktop: Here's a link to the Amazon Kindle e-Reader software for Mac systems.

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Calibre (Mac)

I need to find people who will talk about the universe and souls. What is a monad in Scala? Mad Al Hrabosky.

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The Best Mac E-book Reader Apps in 2018

Calibre eBook reader Thanks for the note. Have a try.

Lovers of digital literature are used to reading on a hand-sized interface. E-book readers for iPhone, iPad, and Android abound, as well as dedicated reading devices like the Kindle and Nook. If you want to escape from all the mac e-book reader apps associated with bookstores and DRM, Kitabu will set you free.

You can read books in any font on your computer, with adjustable text size, three background colors and up to three columns. It comes with lots of tools for editing book metadata, adjusting things like author names, cover images, and publication data.

Stanza for Mac - Download

The e-book reader in Calibre can open just about any kind of digital text document, including. Bookreader is extremely flexible, opening pretty much every text-based book format in existence. While the app is flexible, it is a little buggy on High Sierra, and the interface is very dated looking.

The app does allow for customization of basics like font, text size, and background color, but the book frame is here to stay. It also supports bookmarks and colored highlights, as well as in-context notes for marginalia.