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It appears that the permissions on this file were missing the Read property. Once I added the Read permission, everything was fine. Restore missing network locations 2 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Restore missing network locations Authored by: mgaiman on Jan 26, '04 PM. Restore missing network locations Authored by: ttubbiola on Feb 05, '04 AM.

You also need to change the moved preferences file from. Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. User Functions Username: Password:. Modifying the user template will only apply to new user home folders that are created on the local clients. If you already have established home folders, or network home folders, then you will need to manage the desktop background using custom managed preferences. Thus, you can customize the user template to set a default background for every user. To prevent the user from making this change, you will have to set special permissions that lock the preference file from changes.

Although this example is specific to setting the desktop background preference, you can use a similar technique to deploy custom user home folders as part of your system image. This folder is protected by root access, so you will have to use the command line to copy this file into the appropriate location. In the following example, Michelle uses her administrative account to copy the desktop preference file into the user template. Again, because these items will have root permissions, the quickest method is to use the command line. In the following example, Michelle changes the ownership, permissions, and lock flag for the desktop preference file inside the user template.

However, because you set the lock flag, the copied desktop preference file will retain the original ownership and permissions you have set here. The system preference will remain active and allow the user to interact with the settings, but the desktop background will never change. The technique covered here will hide all these clues from every user and will even hide the account from other administrative users.

Although an administrative user who knows exactly what to look for can easily uncover and delete your hidden administrator, the vast majority of users will have no idea that the account is even there. Another way to implement a hidden administrator account is to use a network directory—based administrative account.

You must move the original home folder to the new path you chose in step 5 and correct the ownership for the home folder items.

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This is easily remedied by removing the Public and Sites folders from this home folder. The quickest method to set these custom settings is to use the defaults command. Note that you could also set this using custom managed preferences, as covered previously in this chapter. In the following example, Michelle will modify the loginwindow preferences to hide accounts with user IDs below , and then hide the hadmin account. Aside from having an interesting location for the home folder, your hidden administrator account is identical in function to any other administrative account.

See All Related Store Items. All rights reserved. Publishers of technology books, eBooks, and videos for creative people. White Jan 5, TIP The best time to remove the. NOTE To require the user to interact with the login screen, make sure to also disable automatic login.

More Info The defaults command can be used to edit any property list preference files. Nov 9 GarysMacBook kernel[0] : en0: Supported channels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 56 60 64 The trouble is, I have put a letter out to all my neighbours explaining the problem and how they can fix it, but the WIFI router is still wrongly configured. I think that the The strange thing is, I only see this behavour on my MacBook and not my iPhone 5 or my Windows laptop, so it must be possible to work around the spec.

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On my MacAir I seem to have cured my wifi connectivity problems by shutting off airport, opening key chain, under the Key Chain menu choose First Aid and run repair, and then turn airport back on. When I did this I noticed that errors were found in the key chain regarding my work network a MS Exchange network.

Four days in, no more slowness connecting, not connecting without reboot, or problems connecting upon wake from sleep. The easiest thing to try first is to recycle the router turn it off and back on.

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If I do what you suggest, is it going to erase all my passwords for networks already saved in my MacBook Pro? Thank you, Antonio. Your passwords should be stored in keychain and should not be impacted by removing a preference file, but custom DNS and IP settings will be lost. Thank you, Martin. The problem is that many passwords are stored in the computer and there is no way to look for them.

That makes the task of writing down beforehand quite difficult. I appreciate and I hope all of them are in the keychain. Martin, That reminds me. I had an issue with my home wifi connection that was caused by duplicate keychains. I could connect to my network but overtime would get disconnected. I tried the preferences to no avail. The problem has not occurred since removing the duplicate wifi network system and login keychains.

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