How to export your previous recipients addresses from mac mail

I had no problems with the four Gmail accounts syncing. I restored the V6 folder from right before the upgrade to If you select a mailbox folder for import directly, you will also get the UUID folder names it contains, so put the mailbox in a folder and select the containing folder if you want to import individual mailboxes.

Consolidation with old folders is going to be fun. Some comments relative to the main post - no Exchange accounts were involved. There were none defined in Internet Accounts at the time of the upgrade. Search wasn't working at all, but rebuilding the spotlight index didn't help in this case there were missing message files - i.

I had issues when upgrading to High Sierra with losing some old archived email, but the Catalina update really destroyed my email. Apple was unable to help. While I have backups, they are imperfect since the issues started with the last OS. I am ready to throw in the towel and setup all new email addresses.

Like most users have reported, I too lost a huge amount of emails by updating from Mojave to Catalina. That worked perfectly and all my mail was back the way it should be. I have an extra MacBook Pro 13" so I decided to do some more testing. I first created a new folder on my Desktop and exported all my mailbox via the export function. Then I did a clean install of Catalina on my 13", open the mail app and imported all my mailbox via the import function. This allowed me to re-create a perfect copy of mac mail Mojave to mac mail Catalina. Then I made a brand new TimeMachine backup of my 13" Catalina install.

Well no it was not. I erase my 13" and proceed to install a clean copy of Catalina, then use my perfect TimeMachine backup to restore thinking that my mail should be back the way i left it. Believe it or not, upon restart and opening the mail app, most of my mail only show headers and nothing in the message. This is a terrible bug and looking at the release notes of up-coming updates, it looks like Apple is not even addressing this issue! This is terrible really! Bad Apple :. If they are upgraded again he put a solution on how to fix the Mail problem.

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However, you can use the time machine to get you into the previous mail version. Again if the time […].

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Is there any hint how catalina mbox files can be imported to Mojave? I have GB of mbox on Catalina mail, went back to Mojave, but all mail mbox files have same problem "no valid mbox files were found" when I try to import to Mojave mail app. Hello, I have lost all the content of an outbox mail of one of my gmail account when upgrading to Catalina.

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I was in contact with Apple international support via telephone and they have confirmed me that this issue is known to them as a bug in Catalina, which will be fixed in the future. I suppose that more and more applying to them would accelerate probably their speed. Michael Tsai Of course I tried "apple mail" option too but lots of errors in console with newer ending story of import. What about "Mail Library cannot be read because its format requires a newer version of macOS. I am trying to solve GB emails which are present in Mail folder but not shown in Catalina, so I moved to Mojave and trying to get those emails in app If not, you could use my EagleFiler app to convert the files.

This will convert all the mailboxes to mbox format. Then you can tell Mojave Mail to import the mbox files stored in the EagleFiler library. I updated to Catalina yesterday. All of the folders for my iCloud email have gone missing. I also have a gmail account that appears to be working normally. Unfortunately, the iCloud account was being temporarily used for all of my business launch. My iPhone still has all of the folders and e-mail.

Yes, would be great to get confirmation from Micheal on whether this is fixed or not with Mails for a whole year were wiped out and every time I try using time machine to retrieve them Mail crashes. There seems to be no way of getting them back and this is very disheartening. I did a clean install of Catalina All of my inbox messages POP mail from the past two years vanished sometime after I did the install. And for others, message headers are showing "no recipient" "no subject" and content is blank. Would a clean install and a fresh sync of email from the server avoid these mail problems?

Instead of trying to upgrade an existing email setup? The problem persists in Most of the emails only show headers and nothing in the message. When rebuilding the mailboxes, the emails just evaporate. I've looked into the finder structure and the emails are completely gone. I can only recover from backups, but many emails will be gone forever. How can Apple release this with such a bug? It means you're taking a risk updating to Catalina, and one more serious than usual, because the data loss can propagate to your other devices.

It all seems odd - all that marketing for the new and great macOS, yet Apple must surely know that 'upgraders' are risking losing data! It is ridiculous that Apple would allow this to go ob for nearly a month. We do not store email on our server, they store locally and this a significant issue for our business. Mailboxes shows the various mailboxes but there is no information or display when you try them.

Exporting every email address on your Mac

Not sure where to turn for any fixes. My email is cloud based. Luckily email still shows on iPad mini and iPhone X S. I think you guys have just helped me solve the big issue I have been trying to fix for the last three days. I upgraded to Catalina last week and have since lost 3 very important drafts in my Apple mail None of these drafts show up in Apple Mail on my Mac, nor in Gmail. They simply never synced it appears. I spent an hour on the phone with both Apple and Google support but now I think I understand the problem. I will hold on to the draft in in the draft box and hope that once there is a bug fix it comes back to life, but I am losing hope.

How to Export Your Previous Recipients Addresses From Mac Mail

I really need that draft. Any advice? I experience the same problem. You have to open the mails to realize the problem. The problem has appeared since the upgrade to Catalina. Other accounts Gmail are not affected by this problem.

Add Previous Recipients to Apple Address book - Outlook Web Access (OWA) Email Help

Only mails with attachments are affected. Other mails can be moved or copied without problem. Another problem is the non-synchronisation of the outlook exchange account. Mails read or deleted in Apple Mail do not change status on the Exchange server. As a consequence they appear to be unread or undeleted on my i-phone. This second problem seem to affect all emails in the outlook exchange account, with or without attachement. My solution well not a real one, more a safety trick as of today is to keep all mails from my outlook account in the inbox and postpone the cleaning until the bug fix is released. E-mail will not be published. Web site. These sorts of issues are pernicious because: You may not notice that anything is wrong unless you are looking at the particular mailbox or messages that are affected. Because the data is synced to the server, problems can propagate to other Macs and iOS devices.

Restoring a backup is difficult because Mail data is constantly changing. There is no straightforward way to merge restored data in with messages received since the last backup, and also with the live data on the server. Peter Steinberger : A doctor friend of mine lost about Benedict Cohen. Michael Tsai. Thomas Tempelmann. Perhaps this has something to do with the problem?

Beatrix Willius. When the users move from v6 to v7 would the size of the folder be very different than before? Nort Fowler. Apple Mail bug causing data loss in macOS Catalina. Rui Carmo. Missing message issues plague Mail users in macOS Catalina. Peter Resele. Sarah Bauhan. Scott Morrison. Peter Maurer. Victor Lazzarini. Just a report here for other users: 1 I have not noted any loss of email, but I noticed today that one message did not have its attachment downloaded. Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated March 04, Pick a folder for where the CSV file should be saved.

Open the Applications menu in Finder. Choose Contacts. In addition you might also look at some of Mail's settings and preferences. Address Book Apple's Address Book is a local directory that applications like Mail will tap into for contact information. If there is corruption in the contacts database then one option you can do is rebuild it by exporting your contacts and then re-importing them. Save the archive somewhere safe like your desktop, and then delete all the entries in your address book.

Then select "Import" from Address Book's File menu and import the previously saved Address Book archive to set up your contacts again. Mail's Previous Recipients Another source for address autocompletion in OS X is Mail's previous recipients list, which is a list of non-junk addresses that have sent you e-mail. This list can be cleared by going to the "Window" menu in Mail and choosing the "Previous Recipients" option, and then selecting all or a subset of addresses and clicking the "Remove from list" button.

Network directory server The next option for mail autocomplete options is the use of a network directory server, which unlike the Address Book and Mail's Previous Recipients databases is a remote option that can provide large numbers of contacts for Mail to use. If you have a directory server set up and Mail cannot properly access it, then the program may pause while it attempts to establish a connection.

Additionally, if there are problems with the directory server's configuration then Mail may hang.