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One thing that makes it difficult to diagnose is that I often have a large number of tabs open at once, and any one of those tabs could cause the instability. Needless to say, losing all open Safari tabs is a bit of a pain, and it's unfortunately something that hasn't been completely fixed in Safari RSS, but it does seem to have been somewhat addressed. I've only had a couple of crashes on the final version of Safari RSS and I've been using it a lot in preparation for this review.

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I've mentioned in previous articles that I've always stuck with Safari because its look, feel and behavior matched what I'd expect from all other OS X applications. I only wish that Apple would add support for "find as you type" to Safari - it's the one feature that I truly do miss from Firefox. Dashboard Widgets Mail 2. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Apple seems to have taken a page from Microsoft whereby only critical bugs are fixed for a. The other thing to consider is Apple relelased new hardware around the same time. My new 2.

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Apple used to have a strict tie between hardware and OS so any delay in Tiger would delay the hardware. I'm rather sure that has decreased now, but they may rather not support the older version of the OS on newer hardware as that raises costs due to compatibility testing requirements. Privacy Policy.

Contact Us. Terms of Use. Show Full Site. All rights reserved. Log in Don't have an account? Make sure you are using the latest versions of all Safari add-ons -- particularly AcidSearch now at version 0. Tried the various fixes currently on your page, no go. Finally looked at plug-ins, updated the neat little add-on called AcidSearch to the latest version, 0.

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All OK now. Also, as previously noted, several readers have noted that clearing system caches with a tool like OnyX or Panther Cache Cleaner can resolve crash-on-launch issues. Select "Delete all caches" or a "deep" cache clean, dependent on which tool is being used. Slow performance, launches solved by deleting icons folder For most users, Safari 1. Note that this procedure will eliminate any favicons the small logos that appear in Safari's URL entry field for some Web sites stored in cache. Apple bookmarks put back A minor annoyance associated with the upgrade to Safari 1.

Apple decided I once again needed to have all the bookmarks that they like. This feels like a Microsoft thing to do in the worst sense of the word.

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Very annoying to weed out the garbage they left behind. To avoid crashing of Safari v1. File saving changes As noted by a number of readers, Safari 1. You can still specify the download location by holding down the option key while control-clicking a link. One reader writes: "I too am having flash problems. The file just downloads but will not play even though Safari plugins show the Flash plugin is registered.

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Update: Jon Hicks implemented the lovely new icons and has posted details of the branding process. Jon also points us….

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You can now run more than one version of Internet Explorer on the same PC. A summary of the furore surrounding the potential capitulation of AOL and the demise of Internet Explorer. Well Our Norwegian friends have got their own back by releasing the Bork edition of…. Breeze is an elegant new minimalist theme for Mozilla. Googlebar is another great add-in from mozdev source of the afore-mentioned Checky. Checky is a great plugin for Mozilla that gives you one-click page validation, configurable across any of 18 different online validation and analysis services. Some recent browser releases: Mozilla has released 1.

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Opera has released 7 for Windows Beta 2. Apple has released Safari Beta 2. For web developers, the last one is of particular note as Safari will presumably be making its way on to all new Apple machines. A discussion of the Upgrade Your Browser message so often placed at the top of web pages which can only displayed as intended by browsers with good CSS capabilities. Personally I find find it annoying….

Mozilla 1. It uses the BlogAmp plugin, which unfortunately requires JavaScript to view the list. The new W3C Validator has come out of beta and released unto the world.

There is an improved UI and loads of links to the Specs, as well as help, documentation, tips and improved accessibility accesskeys a-plenty. There also seems to have been a few changes to the…. All the left and right margins actually padding around my text are doubled in width for no apparent reason.

I have rediscovered the long-forgotten link tag.

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  • Use it to make your site more accessible. The new issue of Digital Web mag sees Peter-Paul Koch extolling the fine virtues of graceful degradation. Because AOL are making sure the most popular sites work with Gecko before they make the switch; remember I said we…. Official news on the forthcoming all-new Opera 7. Because at home I….