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ESET Smart Security Premium The ultimate internet security solution, combining multiple layers of protection with advanced features such as password management and encryption. Product specifications.

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Download Now. Learn more. Supported operating systems macOS Supported operating systems Android 4.

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Supported operating systems Android TV version 5 higher. Internet security and antivirus for macOS. Compare ESET's products. Antivirus and Antispyware Prevent attempts to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords or banking and credit card details by fake websites. Anti-Phishing Leaves more power to programs you use daily and extends the lifetime of hardware.

Removable Media Control No disruptive pop-ups during presentations, videos or other full-screen applications. Presentation Mode Speeds up scans by whitelisting safe files based on file reputation database. Automatic Updates Receive free email and telephone support in your local language, anywhere you are. Free Support in Local Language Prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer and stay invisible to other users in public Wi-Fi networks.

Firewall Block unwanted Internet content by categories or individual websites and keep your kids safe online. Parental Control Anti-Theft helps you track and locate your laptop in case it goes missing as a result of a loss or theft. Anti-Theft The license also covers smartphones and tablets. ThreatSense, ESET's cloud-based detection, isn't new--yep, it had it three years ago--but it's been expanded in version 5 to include reputation analysis.

Internet security and antivirus for macOS

All of that comes in the basic NOD Upping to Smart Security gets you antispam, parental controls, and a "smart" firewall that learns how your computer uses the Internet very quickly. ESET's browser guards are browser-agnostic, and don't require an extension. You won't get search results ratings, but ESET successfully blocked us from attempting to reach known dangerous Web sites clicked on in search results.

In addition to the hot-line support, forums and knowledge base, no other security suite offers an education module like ESET does. Called "Cybersecurity Training," the module features an interactive city that you can explore to learn about how to protect yourself, your personal data, and your computer when online. It's an in-depth approach that we wish other vendors would take, because at the end of the day, it's going to be your own wits that keep you safest.

It's accessible from the installation CD if you buy the physical boxed copy of the program, and we're not sure just yet about how to launch it from the downloadable version. ESET's overall performance presents a reliable security option. It's not the most effective security suite we've seen this year, and the benchmarks leave room for growth, but overall it's a solid, secure choice, with low false positives and a light touch on your computer's performance. Real-world test results for ESET were confusing.

On our real-world test computer, an x86 Windows 7 laptop that we use for all hands-on testing of security suites, ESET scans were invariably slow and ponderous. On average, the first scan took nearly two hours, and subsequent scans were only faster by about 20 to 30 minutes. These marks did not match up to CNET Labs' results, which found ESET's scan times on a freshly imaged computer to be among the fastest results we've seen so far this year.

Because of the large number of programs that get installed and uninstalled on the real-world laptop, which could adversely affect the computer's Registry, we're inclined to favor the labs results in this case. Note that we can't directly compare this year's results with last year's because we upgraded our testing computer from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 7 x64 with Service Pack 1. Smart Security slowed down the Labs' computer boot time by an average of For both programs, ESET's boot time impact was minimal.

Both suites had a small impact on the computer's shutdown time, slowing it down only by about six to seven seconds longer than an unprotected computer. However, it should be noted that the shutdown time for an unprotected computer was half that, so even though ESET's impact was minimal when compared with other suites, it's still having a big affect on the computer itself. The Cinebench results were close to the average level of impact. So, all things being equal, you're not going to notice much when ESET is running as you go about your computing business.

This was borne out by our real-world tests, too. On the Cinebench test, the higher number is better. In independent threat detection and removal tests, the new version of ESET holds its own but doesn't achieve top marks in all areas. In the AV-Test. The suite had a 4. The second quarter test, on a Windows XP computer, definitely showed improvement in some areas and regression in others.

It scored The suite improved in Protection with 4. The Usability score looks at, among other metrics, how many False Positives a suite detects. So even though version 4.

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Third-quarter results aren't in yet, but version 5 beta results shared by AV-Test. It notched a Still, that wasn't as high as some competitors, such as Bitdefender. The suite was able to remove In AV-Test. Still this wasn't as good as Bitdefender, which blocked all of the attacks. ESET also did not find any false positives. The most recent AV-Comparatives.

ESET returns to a tougher security world, not just from the competition but from the threats that it's meant to protect you against. Though the benchmarking is generally solid, we found the interface too annoying and the installation too cumbersome to award it higher marks. Now you have easier hands-free control of Google's music streaming service.

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  • The update also includes picture-in-picture to watch videos while you scroll and block. I have installed the trial version on my friend's computer and they seem to be pleased with it. Was this review helpful? It is a great AV! You can literally install AV, run scan, and never open the UI window ever again unless you need to troubleshoot! It's pretty much set and forget, the firewall is simple and obstructive, and the AV updates and uses real-time behavior blocker. You can schedule scans, too.

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    Wont buy again. I have been using Nod32 for the 3rd year and I just renewed my license. Very light on resources. Tech support is very fast. I contacted them times and always got a quick response. I don't understand complaints from some users GData was also great but so heavy. Only cons I can think of is sometimes when it detects a menace, you will have to delete it manually. But otherwise, that's all.

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    I deleted from computer and its still here.