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SL animations Animesh attachment does not animate after login on build SL [Animesh] Issue with animations during linking and delinking. SL [Animesh] Viewer adds estimated tri counts of sitters to Animesh objects.

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SL Joint positions not applied for observers after disabling animated mesh checkbox of a worn Animesh SL encroachment Constrain encroachment by animesh objects and avatars somehow. Clamp joint position overrides? SL Private Regions requesting Animesh server code SL editing Can't edit textures on active animated mesh SL joint positions Issue with one or more character's bone deforms not rendering properly among a group of all the same characters.

SL [Animesh] New avatar complexity seems excessively low for Animesh objects. SL other Animesh - physics is not rotated while visual mesh is.

SL lod Animesh Enabled objects' size affects their bounding box SL animations Issue with animations not rendering if they were stopped and started while host object is selected. SL graphics animesh selection highlight jumps to origin on zoom out SL [Animesh] Animesh object orientation is incorrect after rez. SL lod bad bear again Animesh elephants are impostored even when standing close to them.

SL [ANIMESH] Animesh does not obey z-height offsets decided upon upload SL Animesh attachments turning to boxes depending on rotation or zoom SL probably not animesh The presence of Animesh characters with complexity values near your own or greater causes alerts of your own complexity value.

Second Life

SL [Animesh] Don't add a skeleton to a linkset upon clicking "Animated Mesh" unless said linkset contains rigged mesh. Remove skeletons from linksets upon delinking if no links contain rigged mesh.

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Get and share information on how to run your own sims on OS X, connect them to an existing grid or run your own grid. What is your experience with grid hosting companies as a Mac user?

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Mac users often have a set of issues and challenges in using OpenSim and SecondLife environments both because there are fewer viewers available that runs on OS X, and those that exist often does not take good advantage of functions we take for granted in other Mac applications. OS X users are also on a totally different release cycle than Windows and Linux users, where Apple often push a major release of OS X every 18 months or less which can break old stuff. Although primarily for Mac users, we do of course welcome lurkers, observers, guest, developers, hosters, likable folks, friends or everyone with a Mac envy.

Welcome to everyone! My Showcase. OS X Compatibility.

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Creation Tools for OS X. Programming and Development. Mac Friendly Worlds. Oshi Shikigami. I just upgraded to the latest Mac OS, And none of my viewers will run??? Any ides what is wrong?

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Oshi Shikigami: Thank you very much! Just tried Cool, and it also crashes Vince Medlock: Second Life isn't a game, it is a life simulator in which we will be able to find social, cultural and economic events just as we would in the real world. Thus, it is common to be able to go to concerts even of real groups , political meetings or art exhibitions. As soon as we access the Second Life universe, we will have to create an avatar that will be totally customizable thanks to the thousands of objects that we will have available. Once we have created the avatar we will have to choose where we want to start, and we will be able to communicate with other users.

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