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It is a simple process like just making an image but you need a plug-in. Attached is the Plug-in. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Then Open Photoshop. Just make what you want the icon to be.

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You probably want to start with a transparent background. Go to a folder or shortcut and right click and press properties.

Photoshop: als .ico abspeichern (Win / Mac Plugin)

Then go to the customize tab. Then press "Change Icon Then find your icon and press ok through. You'll also find links here to the popular free ICO Format Plugin for Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to save icons directly within Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, along with standalone icon creating and editing software programs and sites to create icons easily online, too.

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In addition, you'll find links to helpful tutorials on creating icons in general and also within Adobe Photoshop. For more graphics software plugins and filters, see Graphics Filters and Plugins for Graphics Software. Also within Graphics Software, Tutorials 24 pages :. Adobe lets you install plug-in filters from other software developers in its programs.

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Some Photoshop compatible plugins have an installer that will guide you through the process. But what should you do if plug-ins are not added in Photoshop? How to install these files? It's as easy as pie.


All you need to do is to copy or drag the file into the Plug-Ins folder of Adobe Photoshop. If you have installed Photoshop in any other location you should look for the Plug-Ins folder there. Bear in mind that Photoshop must be closed when installing new plugins. Or you will need to restart the editor.