Raspbmc installer for linux and mac os x

You will also need a power supply for your Raspberry Pi, in order to properly power the different ports of the Raspberry Pi 3 in particular the USB onces. We are recommending a power supply of at least 5V and 3A, like this one you can found here. The Raspberry Pi uses a MicroSD card as a hard drive, as part of a media center we advise you to choose a fast card, and a size of at least 16GB. Our advice is to choose a 16GB card like this one , and add an external hard drive to store your movies, music, etc.

Raspberry Pi Media Center by Sam Nazarko

Be sure to choose an external hard drive with its own power supply, like this one we found as usale on Amazon. Lastly, you will obviously need a cable to connect your Raspberry Pi to your screen. There are two possibilities:. With this different accessories, you are fully equiped to create a perfectly functional media center with your Raspberry Pi. As the goal of a media center is to integrate into your home in a harmonious way, you may want your Raspberry Pi being a little more aesthetic.

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For this purpose, you should use a case for the Raspberry Pi, which will as well protect than beautify your Raspberry Pi. You may find a lot of different cases especially designed for the Raspberry online, but our prefered one, whether for his quality or his awesome designe is definitely this one, sold right here on Amazon. Last useful point, you may want to use something else than your smartphone to control your media center.

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For those of you who feel that need, you should take a look in direction of the mini wireless keyboard who also have an integrated trackpad. Thoses make great keyboards for the Raspberry Pi and can be use almost like remote control with your media center.

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Be careful, however, to choose a keyboard wich is fully compatible out of the box with Linux. For us, we are using a keyboard from Rii who work very well with Raspbian.

OSMC, a mix between Raspbian and the Kodi media center

You can found this keyboard on that page. We went through everything you need to know before you start setting up your media center, so we just have to go to the installation. Once the software is downloaded, insert the microSD card of your Raspberry Pi into your computer, and run the software to begin the installation. Once done, click Next.

Installing RaspBMC

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Grabación de Raspbmc en una tarjeta SD (usando Mac OS X / Linux)

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