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Countless users have provided the admins with new info, videos, correctional errors, pictures etc over the past few months to make the articles stand out from other websites crack at them. The end of all this however, will mark a new beginning. Our hard work doesn't end here, no; we now get to finally take Black Ops apart piece by piece to further expand our Black Ops related articles. Special thanks too all of those users who have helped expand all Black Ops related articles over the months. Fantastic speech! Wii version will bring the fight to their land. Their blood. They will have a taste of what it feels like to be made fun of.

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No longer will we have to deal with it, Comrades. I am really excited for the game. I really do want some scum zombies to stop cumming and die. Trayvin talk , November 10, UTC. I just played my first session of black ops. Fantastic game but I'm a bit annoyed with steam support. Firstly the launch shortcuts are Internet shortcuts so my SP shortcut is just a white page with the Internet explored icon. Is there any way to make the installation path like the one above? I don't mind reinstalling but I want to avoid that if possible.

IWD locations would be greatly appreciated. So I was playing on Call of Duty 7 and I clicked on spoiler zombies. So it can up with this level in a theater and has modern weapons. It showed that they got put in the teleporter and disappeared. Did they go through time to modern or did they obtain other weapons. Also there is paintings of all the the past men and the zombies are alot faster. Plus it has two other maps which i havent played yet. Andyfaulk , November 10, UTC.

Can somebody add something about the glitch where the game kidnaps all your CPU and everything lags like Crysis on a Commadore 64? I don't really know the specifics. It's difficult to find this information online, and it needs to be in the article - there is no leveling or progression of any kind for splitscreen local play. I found out yesterday that you can actually look around in the menu screen by moving the Right Thumbstick. Also if you press both bumpers then you can break free and move around. If you go to the computer and type in DOA then hit "enter" it brings you "dead ops" which is a arcade-type game.

You also unlock an achievement. And I don't think, in team deathmatch, that extra points for headshots and other bonuses will be added to the team's score.

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It is just normal team deathmatch with normal scoring. With the release of the game, this article is in need of some major clean-up to be up to the same standard as our other game articles ie. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

I still see some information that has either been clarified by the release of the game, or completely incorrect. Additionally, a great deal of this page, as well as others, remains in the future tense. Bovell Talk Contrib. Cuba has condemned the release of the game as it has special forces trying to kill a young Fidel Castro.

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Some critics have questioned events depicted in the single-player campaign stating that they push "the lines of good taste. You cant invite friends to certain matches where boosting is common or something like that free for all,wager matches I wanna know y with split screen i cant edit time limits, kills, or any of the emblems and stuff.

Do i need the playstation network in order to do so. I would have enjoyed it, though. Posted by a ghosted. Is there any particular reason why the equipment Claymore, C4, Jammer, etc. Also remember to sign up to www. I just opened my Black Ops copy and found that it had a 1 of , laser cel. Has anyone else gotten one, and why have I never heard of this yet? Slowrider7 , November 20, UTC. For those unfamiliar with the term, a laser cel is an image that is printed on Mylar or Melinex, as it is called in the UK rather than paper or another easily damageable material.

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For the campaign pages, shouldn't we use the pictures that show up when you pick that mission in the game? I decided to take screenshots of all 8 multiplayer factions character models; they are here in an imageshack album if anyone wants to use them here on the wiki. They're completely free to use by anyone for whatever means. Does anyone know what a "ranked match" means? For example, it says that in monthly leaderboard you must compete in 25 ranked matches to have your stats show on the list, and for weekly its 5, all time its I played 4 straight hard core ffa games and for monthly it stayed at 23 games played?

Can sombody with editor rights to the main page please link a Theatre Mode page, please? I'd like to add a description of how to use this feature and how to export movies out of the game. Shouldn't "Won't Back Down" by Eminem have a page like the other musical easter eggs? I noticed it had a page earlier that got deleted. Quick question: I am getting the WaW zombie maps soon.

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When I download it, can my friends, who don't have the maps, play the WaW maps with me? No, I've tried this before. This also applies to the AUG. Does this seem inbalanced? If you are going to complain about those, complain about the AKsu. Does black ops support microsoft guest? You can see her here. Also, it's suggested that she's the one who was announcing numbers. The woman that is seen smoking in U.

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And I think the other woman is the one girl I forget her name that brodcast on her own radio signal to U. I beg to differ, in MW2 you have a lot more stealth than Black Ops. Was Yesterday".

In my opinion you are hidden for a longer time in MW2, you kill more ememies while hidden; "Modern Warfare 2 features considerably more stealth than any other entry in the Call of Duty series. In the start of the article it would be good to have a short summary of what the game is actually about:Answer the question: ' what is Black Ops? Hi my name is Yahya is there is a gun called m4 and m on the call of duty black ops game. From black ops answer. Then, the helicopter gets shot down and the player is forced to bail out.

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View full description. Softonic review Mac users have been a bit neglected when it comes to Call of Duty but Black Ops for Mac has finally been released on the Steam platform. Download Call of Duty: Black Ops 1. Download for Mac. TunesCare for Mac. Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro. App for Pixabay. Epic Browser. GeoGebra Classic 5.