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    If you tell us what operating system you're using then that would help as the ways to do this vary from OS to OS. Well, I have a very up-to-date version of MikTex on Windows, and also a rather old Linux system at work Would zipping the two files together into one archive suffice, or has your one uploaded file got to be a pdf? LaTeX use Herbert's answer: Beat me to it on pdftk ; a very useful little program for mucking about with PDFs.

    I'll accept this; actually, I guess I should have search harder, as that other question was almost identical to mine!

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    Many thanks to all. Am I the only one who has trouble with the output of pdftk working well with ghostcript? Ghostscript complains that pdftk output violates the PDF spec.

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    For that matter, gs can itself combine PDFs from the commandline. I haven't had any problems with pdftk which I've just been playing with ; but also using gs directly works! Nicholas Hamilton 8, 4 33 Herbert Herbert k 24 This works fine as well once I noticed the typo: Actually, maybe this is the "nicest" way to do a cover letter, as then I can just include the PDF file of paper at the end. I had a knot in my fingers If you have Ghostscript installed, you might also join the two separate PDF files in one by issuing a command such as this: Tusell F.


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